Biodegradable Organic Cotton

Our pads and tampons are made with biodegradable organic cotton

Most supermarket tampons take around 500 years to break down. Ours take 12 Months.

No fragrances, bleach, or added chemicals.

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    For every 1 year subscription we donate 3 years of period products to someone in need

YourCycle App

The YourCycle app helps you track and understand the changes happening in your body so you're empowered to make decisions that are in tune with your body's needs.

Our app and your cycle recommendations are powered by AI and will always be personalised to you and your needs

The YourCycle app is free and always will be


Buy 1, Give 3

Women empower women. For every annual subscription you purchase, we sponsor 3 years worth of period products for a women in need

We have an exclusive partnership with who are on a mission to improve 1 Billion lives by 2050, starting with providing all women and girls with period products to live their best life every day.